Seniors Social Prescribing Program

The Seniors Social Prescribing program connects seniors to community programming, services and resources that will help them thrive and remain connected and independent for as long as possible.

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Community Services Senior Social Prescribing
Funded by The Government of British Columbia

The Seniors Social Prescribing Program is a pathway from your health practitioner’s office to our Seniors Community Connector to receive personalized help connecting with the community and managing health and well-being.
Social Prescribing works alongside clinical treatments to address people’s needs in a holistic way. Social prescription can include physical activities, social activities, nutrition/food security programs, caregiver programs, and opportunities to access services in the community.
Social Prescribing provides support by identifying what is required to improve overall well-being. Services may include, banking help, transportation, paperwork assistance, parking passes, legal advocacy and access to grants.

“Life changing. Quite honestly living in pain and so desperately alone that I didn’t want to live anymore until I started to receive the help. You assisted with finding a dentist and the funding for dental and medical care so I was no longer living in pain and alone.”

Senior Social Prescibing Program Client

Seniors Social Prescribing Program

Seniors in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows who are marginalized, experiencing poor mental/physical health, socially vulnerable, or making frequent trips to the ER or Primary Care.

Flexible through the week


22768 119th Avenue Maple Ridge BC V2X 4L2

Contact: Jackie Brisbin
Seniors Community Connector
Phone: 604 467-6911 Ext.1248 C 604-868-4501
Contact: Stacy Cheltenham
Seniors Community Connector
Phone: 604 467-6911 Ext.1246 C 236-308-5651