You can make a special occasion even more meaningful, turn a celebration into a time for giving or raise awareness and support a good cause. There are so many reasons to fundraise for a cause you care about. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone or anniversary, in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts, or to honour a loved one. Plus, we make it easy to start your own personal fundraiser.
Consider turning your next event, birthday or activity you do into a fundraiser for Community Services.

“Third party” fundraising events are a rewarding way to give back and make a huge impact in the lives of many individuals and families in your community. By hosting a fundraising event for Community Services you can help change the lives of local isolated seniors, abused children and young people who struggle with their mental health and many others. You can choose to support one of our many programs or the program that is most in need. It’s up to you!

For more information on Community Services, how to host a fundraiser, or for a Third Party Fundraising Application please contact Heather Walker at 604-467-6911 ext. 1413 or

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    Heather Walker - Manager of Fund Development

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    604-467-6911 ext. 1413

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