This gorgeous summer weather was the icing on the cake as we showcased our agency for the accreditation peer reviewers. This month, we hosted two highly accomplished social service reviewers who, as part of our 4-year accreditation cycle; examined all aspects of the organization.  Preparation for such a comprehensive review began over 18-months ago as continuation of agency committees; performance quality measures, client feedback systems and best practice service delivery set the foundation for our re-accreditation process. All levels of the organization are involved in the agency’s success and in particular the full training day where staff created stations for the topic carrousel. Another significant part of our preparation was the development of our internal mock review team where experienced staff put their colleagues and Board members through our paces. Overall the hard work paid off and our agency’s culture of quality monitoring, high standards for service delivery and caring atmosphere were evident. Validation, credibility, verification, affirmation, proof and recognition are a few words that capture what a positive accreditation review confirms about an organization. As the Executive Director, I have immense feelings of pride. It’s one thing to know that we as an organization work diligently each and every day for our clients, our colleagues, funders and donors; that we are truly dedicated to supporting individuals and families reach their potential.  It is sincerely rewarding when accomplished peer reviewers personally visit our organization and share how impressed they are with what they see. Well done everyone, well done.
Vicki Kipps
Executive Director