Next time you’re dropping off your empty drink containers at Return-It Express, please consider supporting the young victims of abuse in our community who need our Alisa’s Wish Child and Youth Advocacy Centre program. It’s the easiest way to help reduce the trauma for these young people. Skip the lines, recycle, and support our community – simply follow the instructions below to show your support!

  1. Go to any Return-It Express
  2. Put your empty drink containers, unsorted, in a clear blue recycling bag (found in most grocery stores)
  3. Bypass any lines and go to the Express Area. Type the Alisa’s Wish code: 604-467-6911 into the machine
  4. Confirm it is for Alisa’s Wish and how many bags are you depositing
  5. The machine will print labels for each bag and simply drop off at the express area. No contact, no waiting.

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